Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Workshops, Shake ups, & Inspiration

With the way today started, I almost thought it was a Monday! In fact, yesterday was a much better day than today. Mom is still in the hospital, and they STILL aren't sure exactly what is wrong with her. It's driving me crazy, to say the least.

One of my favorite editors has left, which means I'll get a new editor...EEK! I've worked with my other editor before and I think she is the bee's knees...so I'm sorry to see her go. I wonder if she'll accept a box of tears as a bribe to reconsider. Hmmm.

Last week I finished up my Feng Shui workshop where I actually learned a lot. Over the weekend I totally fixed up my office and desk, situating things just so, and taking one of the shelves down. It opened up the whole window that I was basically shutting out and makes the room look bigger. Now if this pretty tree outside my window would bloom...it will be breathtaking!!!

This month I'm taking a motivation workshop. No, I'm not a workshop junkie...but I am a sponge and soak up all the useful information I can to turn into tools so I get where I want. Me=SPONGE! I'll let you guys know how this one goes!

I've updated my books section with excerpts, blurbs, and reviews. PHEW! Also I added a new aphrodisiac and will have a new button possibly by the end of the week. I'll post it when it's up.

Let's see...well the newsletter is out, the contest is up, Dressing the Empress is now available...onto the next projects!! Here's a little inspiration if you need it :)


doc-t said...
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Shelli Stevens said...

Oooo who's that hottie? Feng Shui? What's that. You sound do dig those workshops, huh? Me too! I took a strippercize class for research in one of my books.

I'm sorry about your mom. Keep us posted!

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