Monday, September 25, 2006

Secrets in the Annex and Fall Festival

Yay! I'm very excited to share my story Secrets in the Annex was accepted by Liquid Silver! That sure made my day :) I will be posting a blurb about it later in the week.

I also finally buckled down and joined RWA. I know, total shockeroo that I've waited this long, eh? It was a timing thing. I also joined Passionate Ink. Next up - get myself ready to find an agent. I've been working on a couple novels to send them, but they both need some polishing.
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I successfully made it through an entire week of working out! I also have been feeling horrible this week, but refused to not go. I think my body is trying to rebel, lol. I enjoy the instructor - she is motivating and plays some great music. She also does a lot of dancy stuff, and I used to be a dancer, so I'm loving the choreography. This week she has set the step and floor workout to musicals - another favorite, so I'm really looking forward to it. I can't believe I'm saying that, but it's true, lol.
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Today a couple of fun things are going on. First - Stacy Dawn is having a birthday!! All day she'll be at The Story Board celebrating and sharing all about herself! Please come by and join in the fun! You know there will be confetti ;)
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It's also my Moonglade Elite Author's Blog> Day! So pop over and say howdy if you get a chance :) I'll be posting pics, poetry, excerpts, jokes, and more.
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Only one more week to go before our month-long scavenger hunt begins! Stay tuned for more details!
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This weekend was nice. We went to the Fall Festival in our town and had a great time. There had to have been over 300 vendors out there selling handmade pretties. I can't believe I didn't buy anything - but we want a new laptop and couch, and are saving up for a house - so we're trying to be very, very good and not by anything on the spur of the moment. The weather was gorgeous, so we spent most of it outside. We also found a new sandwich place, mmmmmmmmm, did I ever have a fantastic lunch! Fall is one of my favorite seasons and I love watching the leaves change :) We also had a delish apple pie. Yes - I know, but I was good all week ;) lol
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Fondue is a sexy treat, especially when it's chocolate. Who would you love to dip in chocolate?
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5 Lips for Night of the Nogitsune from lovely reviewer Frost of Two Lips Reviews: Ann Cory delivers another satisfyingly character-driven tale, which steams and sizzles all the way through. The plot had this reviewer caught up immediately. I am so thankful this is the first in a series; I really want to read more of these stories! I sincerely hope Ms. Cory will deliver the next in the Nogitsune series quickly! Night of the Nogitsune Book 1 Wanted is a definite winner. Full review Here.
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Other News:
Bard of Bristol is #6 at Fictionwise for Midnight Showcase, and Egyptian Cotton is #3 for Mardi Gras Publishing :)

I have added some new goodies to Ann's Boutique. A calendar, some shirts, a journal, and a tote bag in the Butterfly Kisses line.
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Where to find me this week?
Today at the MEA Blog as well as at The Story Board. Hmm, I believe I'll be at Novelspotters - though no time is set - it's sort of a pop in when you want. Also this week I have my dentist appointment, where the other side of my mouth will be put through grueling pain, Meet the Teachers Night at my son's school, and of course at the gym. What do you have planned?

Monday, September 18, 2006

Getting Jiggy With It

Happy Monday everyone!!! Today I start working out at the gym. I asked hubby for one of my bday presents early and am all set to start today. I'm starting with a class so I can stay motivated - and so someone can kick my butt if I start getting wimpy, lol. It's called Fit for Life - and includes: a 15 minute warm up, 15 minutes of step, 20 minutes of floor aerobics, balance work, 25 minutes of resistance work, hand weights for upper body, ab crunches, and 15 minutes of flexibility stretch. Holy crabby patties am I ever going to be sore tomorrow! But it says it's great for those starting or returning to exercise.

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The neat thing is, you aren't bound to any classes, you just go to any class you want, stop and start when you want, so if this is too hard or when I get my groove on, I can do something else. I love step aerobics and dance, and there are a lot of those classes available - but I need to work up into them, lol. *I've been sitting on my behind too long*

This weekend was very romantic. My sweetie and I celebrate the day we met every year, and next month will be our first wedding anniversary, so we'll be celebrating 2 anniversaries every year, lol. Hubby started the day with a delicious brunch, and made his famous omelett. Yummers! Oh, and you should have seen the gorgeous bouquet of flowers!! After that we went couch hunting and found the perfect one. We're going to have to wait, it will be 10 weeks before we get it, but it's worth it. We decided to stay in and made a delicious meal with wine, and watched one of our favorite movies - Love, Actually :) It was a wonderful day. I can't wait to celebrate our wedding anniversary next month!

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October is almost here and the Moonglade Elite Authors will be having a month long scavenger hunt! Stay tuned for more details - but I promise you'll want to be part of it. Fun and prizes - I can't wait :)

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Also - pop by the MEA blog today where I'll be blogging all day. Today's prize give away is a pretty book thong, but you'll have to post and play along to be eligible! See you there :)

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Question of the Day:Someday I'd like to have a personal trainer - just to keep my butt in gear and help mix things up a bit. If you could have a hunky famous guy as a personal trainer, who would you choose?

My first review for Night of the Nogitsune is in and Coffee Time Romance gave it 4 Cups!

The book was so well written that I decided it definitely deserves 4 cups. The dynamics of the relationships depicted are utterly fascinating. Ms. Cory is a talented author who has the ability to spin a tale that is sure to capture many an imagination. If you enjoy stories of unusual shape shifters, then this may be just the book for you.
~Reviewer Susan

Read full review Here

I'd better get moving here so I don't talk myself out of working out later, lol.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

It's been a little quiet around here

I'm so sorry I've been away - it's been one thing after another. I went to the dentist on Monday and spent all day yesterday still in pain and with migraines. Needless to say, I got very little done. I have terribly sensitive teeth, so any work done on them and I'm in bad shape for several days. Unfortunately, I have to go back on the 28th and have them finish up - grumbles. I did manage to clean and dust my desk, so it looks nice and the muse prefers an uncluttered work area.

Let's see - what's been going on around here. Oh! Egyptian Cotton is sitting at #11 on the Fictionwise Erotic Bestseller List, so that is nice news :) I also received 4 Hearts from Love Romances and More. You can read this review and other reviewers thoughts at my website here. This is one of my favorite stories, so I'm happy it's been doing well.

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My September Newsletter is now live. This month you'll find:
§ Appearances
§ New Releases
§ Coming Soon
§ Book Reviews
§ Contests
§ Reader Interaction
§ Sneak Peek
§ Amorous Authors
§ Moonglade Elite Authors
§ Recommended Reading
§ Moonglade Elite Authors Newsletter Network
There's a place to sign up right here on my blog beneath the ARCHIVES section.

Once your subscription is confirmed, there will be an Archive link to any missed newsletters. I would be honored to have you!
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Also I have a new contest up where you can win Romance in a Box! Who doesn't like a little seduction in their life? To be eligible for your own Romance in a Box, sign up for my newsletter. To double your chances of winning, send an email with "ROMANCE" in the subject line to The contest ends September 30th.

Details about Romance in a Box:
*4 oz. of Strawberry flavored edible massage oil
*1 oz. of honey powder
*2 Feather Ticklers
*4 oz. of Scented Foaming Bath Salts
All packaged in a classy gift box courtesy of myself and Nature's Treasures Online.

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For more details, click Here.

This week I'll be making a couple appearances with the lovely authors of Cobblestone Press. First off, on the 14th you can catch me from 6pm to 7pmEST at CataNetwork Readers Group, and then on the 15th I'll be talking it up at the Cobblestone Press Loop from 2-3pm EST. I'll be yapping it up about Butterfly Kisses and Breaking in Levi.

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Speaking of Butterfly Kisses, I received a new review from Romance Junkies - 4 Ribbons :) Here's part of what the reviewer, Deborah, had to say:
BUTTERFLY KISSES is an inspirational tale of love and acceptance that is gentle, yet passionate. Charlene and Bryan’s relationship is described intimately allowing the reader to understand the true significance of butterfly kisses. I felt this was a very moving story with believable characters and offered thought provoking moments and sexy little interludes.
You can read the full review Here.

It's been quiet around the house since my son's started back at school - I still have moments where I come out of the writing room and am sort of startled to not see him sitting in the chair playing PS2, or laying on the floor of his room surrounded by Pokemon cards. It's a little lonely.

What's up with movies? I look at what there is playing at the theater and I don't see much of anything. The Black Dahlia doesn't look too bad in the trailers, but I don't know. I've been disappointed all summer by what I have to choose from. My favorites of the past 4 months are Cars, Pirates 2, and Lady in the Water. I did see Talladega Nights, but I can't claim it to be a favorite - it had moments, but otherwise I was more embarrassed to have my son sitting next to me. I haven't even found many movies worth renting. Am I missing something good?

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Question of the Day: In my book Under a Warlock's Spell, the heroine shape-shifts into a bird to get to her loved one who has been captured by an evil warlock. If you were given the ability to shapeshift into a bird, what would you pick?
My answer: an owl
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Okay lovelies, thanks for stopping by, I need to get my son off to school. Have a great day!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Monday Musings with Ann - it's MEA TIME!

Happy Monday everyone - and Happy Labor Day to those who celebrate it where you live! My son isn't excited at all - tomorrow he goes back to school.

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Today I'll be at the Moonglade Elite Authors Blog posting some fun stuff, a couple hottie pics, excerpts, and more! I can't wait to find out who the winner of our grand opening gift basket it - we should know soon!

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Our newest exciting venture at Moonglade Elite Authors is our beautiful candle:

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I LOVE the colors - soft blues. We're working on a fragrance that will be added to it :)

Vampire Hunter: Book 1 - Vintages is up for Book of the Month. Dyana Lunaris is the artist and she captured the ambience of the story in these wine glasses. If you have a moment to vote, click Here

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Speaking of voting, I am also up for Author of the Month at
Fallen Angel Reviews along with several other great authors from Mardi Gras Publishing. If you could take a moment to vote for the author you think best represents the contest, I'd sure appreciate it!

Who can resist a sale on Egyptian Cotton?. Right now it's on sale at Fictionwise for 15% off. Get wrapped up in Egyptian Cotton and feel the luxurious heat.

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Question of the Day There are some actors who I feel have very sexy, distinct voices and I could listen to them all day. Some of my favorites include Jeremy Irons, Christopher Walken, Hugh Jackman, Antonio Banderas, Pierce Bronsnan, Johnny Depp, Morgan Freeman, Tim Curry, Christopher Lee, and Ian McKellan. Who could you listen to all night?

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Newsletter running late, but will be out soon. I'm behind on everything right now thanks to a story that refused to let me be.

In the news, I was sad to learn of the passing of Steve Irwin. Best known as the Crocodile Hunter I enjoyed his enthusiasm and appreciated his love of animals. He leaves behind a son, a daughter, and his wife Teri who was also born in Oregon - same as me. Whatever opinion you may have of him, you gotta give the guy credit for all that he's done for animals, and his enthusiasm was contagious. After watching him tackle so many other dangerous creatures, I started to think he was invincible. He will be greatly missed.

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